Our Management Team


Harald Strack

Harald Strack is the CEO of ssystems. He is responsible for the overall strategy and product development of the company. Mr. Strack has more than 20 years of experience in the field of identity and access management.

In 2003, Harald Strack started ssystems as a one-man business in Munich and worked as a developer and Solaris admin in several new economy start-ups. Until 2008, he worked for CIAO – the largest online consumer market platform at the time – among others. 

As one of the leading experts in the field of identity and access management, he founded ssystems GmbH in Munich and Berlin in 2018 and now consults many universities and colleges in the DACH region.


Dr. Raoul Hentschel

Raoul Hentschel is Chief Operations Officer (COO) for ssystems and responsible for business operations. He is also a university lecturer at the Technical University of Dresden.

He has more than 10 years of experience in the hosting and cloud business. Before joining ssystems in January 2021, he graduated from the Department of Information Systems with a PhD on cloud broker platforms from 2016-2021.  Raoul Hentschel spent 8 years as CEO at hosting provider Campusspeicher, which became part of Dogado Group in 2019. In this position, he managed the strategic and operational business.

Chief Developing OFFICER (CDO)

Jari Fischer

Jari Fischer manages the product development technical team for Moodle teaching and Moodle exam. In addition, he is responsible for the training of developers and Dev-Ops. 

After his diploma in biology at the LMU in Munich, Jari Fischer completed a master’s degree in geoinformatics at the University in Salzburg.

He started his career at GAF, one of the leading companies in the market for geodata services, before he started working at ssystems GmbH in different positions. Jari Fischer has been with the company for almost 10 years. 

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