Identity and Access Management

Consulting, Training and Support

Developments take place in the context of their environment or system. Sustainable solutions emerge when problematic processes have been perceived and their causes systematically addressed. ssystems offers comprehensive services in the field of Identity & Access Management.

  • Authoritative Sources
  • Directory Services
  • Data Integration
  • Provisioning and Deprovisioning
  • RadSec RADIUS Proxy
  • Authentication
  • Authorization
  • RBAC, Roles, Rights and Entitlements
  • Easyroam
Certified Services

ISO 27001

Process analysis and maturity levels

We have had good experience with surveying and analyzing processes and their maturity levels very pragmatically in small working groups to develop design alternatives. The key factor is the discussion of qualitative and quantitative evaluation criteria or process requirements and the definition of the resulting implementation strategies in IT.

Maturity levels

IDM and Single sign-on

We are specialists in Federated Identity Management and implement your authentication and authorization infrastructures on the basis of state of the art technologies.


Authorization and authentication with a single login to heterogeneous systems.


Verification of identity via an authorization server with multiple clients.


Directory services for the management of object-related data (e.g. personal data). 


Identity and access management in Microsoft Azure to applications and data.


Allows users to change or reset passwords on their own.


Extraction and transformation of data for different applications.

High level of expertise

You can rely on our expertise for identity and access management in the conception, introduction, administration and adaptation of identity management and SSO systems. We provide you detailed and expert advice on project conception and implementation.

Project experience

Our employees draw on many years of development and project experience in the field of identity and access management and offer you comprehensive consulting, analysis, conception, didactic and technical support for sustainable solutions (e.g. Moodle).

State of the art technologies

Using state-of-the-art technologies (Java, Spring, GWT, Vaadin, web services, BPM, etc.), we develop customized solutions for our clients or adapt standard software according to customer requirements. The integration of applications into existing identity management and SSO systems is also one of our strengths.


We provide you many years of gathered know-how with UNIX systems, server applications and system development. We have been working intensively and successfully with universities and companies for years.

You won’t get proposals or ready-made concepts off the shelf from us, but support in the development of practicable solutions. We see ourselves as pilots who help you steer, but we are also engineers who can solve complicated issues in a technically simple way – for a limited period of time. That’s why we encourage and demand your ability to develop and your responsibility, so that you can continue the project as quickly and autonomously as possible.

The Challenges

  • Motivate and create awareness of the value added by IdM and AAI.

  • Systematically identify processes, optimize them, determine and document simple, consistent and clear procedures for AAI-supported access control.

  • Understanding the technical concepts of IdM, Federation to generate and thus turn a black box into a white box.

Your Contact

Harald Strack

Tel. 030 202 360 710

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